Thunder Storm

What should you do to prepare?

    • Build or identify a Safe-Room in your home
    • Have a radio readily available for weather alerts and warnings.
  • Hail (3/4 inch or greater)
    • Hail can cause significant damage to your vehicle, break windows and damage roofs of homes and businesses
    • Hail can cause significant bodily injuries such as broken bones and even blindness if wind blown
    • Hailstones the size of softballs can fall at speeds faster than 100 mph
  • Downbursts (58 mph or greater)
    • Downbursts can cause significant damage to well-constructed homes, topple large trees, blow down road and commercial signs, and remove roofs from structures
    • Downbursts have been measured in excess of 100 mph
    • Downbursts can cause damage similar to that of a strong tornado, and cause loss of life or significant bodily injury from wind blown debris and toppled structures.

    Watch VS Warning

    • WATCH means conditions are favorable for severe weather.
    • WARNING means sever weather is occurring or has been detected by radar.

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