Christian 107.3’s Take The Stage may be someone’s big break!


In Partnership with NextFest, we opened the competition to Christian bands and artists in May 2014. The series is an opportunity for local artists to extend their reach, and to open the evening at NextFest 2014 - featuring Tricia Brock, 7eventh Time Down, Family Force 5, and the Newsboys!


On Saturday, June 28th “Set For The Fall” won the first round in Fayetteville, NC.

On July 26th, “Surrounding Jericho” won the second round in Lumberton.

On Saturday, August 9th, “Katelyn Scott” won the third round in Dunn.

In the final round, “We Were Once” won in Clinton on August 23rd.


All the winners now advance to a finale event on Sunday, September 7th at The Crown Theater in Fayetteville, where one winner will Take The Stage!


Watch the NextFest Promo below: